fluid-Check® Flow Rate Sensor

Monitoring of hydraulic pumps, lubrication or cooling circuits

Flow Rate Sensor QS-2-B-008 with touch screen

fluid-Check ® Flow Rate Sensor Takes only a few minutes to install

For monitoring and controlling plants and machinery

Monitoring flow rate and wear of pumps
Operability of accumulators
Filter transmittance
Heat exchangers
Nozzle flow rate
Speed of hydraulic motors

Via a hole in the pipe, the probe is placed directly into the oil circuit. The measuring system is based on the calorimetric principle, measuring flow rate in l/min. Inexpensive, durable, and compact design. Can be combined with measuring connector serv-Clip® Type 2 (for mounting on non-pressurized pipes)

Technical data
- Measuring range 0,05 …8 m/s (Hydraulic oil)
- Range of application 0,50 …6 m/s
- Output signal 4 ... 20 mA/ 3 wires
- Power supply 24 V DC +/-10%; 150 mA
- Electrical connection M12-universal connector
- Range setting by micro-switches
- For pipe diameters Ø 12 mm and larger
- Calibration service available upon request