Flow Rate Sensor (QS) and Leakage Sensor (LS)

with serv-Clip® Typ 2 (no cutting pipelines)


(for hydraulic and gear oils)

With PBT housing (QS-2-B-008 / LS-2-B...)

Flow Rate Sensor  Leckagesensor fluid-Check®  With stainless steel housing
With stainless steel housing

(QS-1-B-008 / LS-1-B...)

Technical data flow rate (QS)
Technical data leakage (LS)
Calibration by oneself


For monitoring and controlling plants and machinery at hydraulic systems

What can I measure?

With the Flow rate sensor (QS) :


  Monitoring flow rate and wear of pumps
  Operability of accumulators
  Filter transmittance
  Heat exchangers
  Nozzle flow rate
  Speed of hydraulic motors

With the Leakage sensor (LS) :

Seal damages and leakage identification

Via a hole in the pipe (plastic deformation with the measuring connector serv-Clip® Type 2)- no cutting pipelines, the sensor is placed directly into the oil circuit. The measuring system is based on the calorimetric principle, measuring flow rate speed in Meter/Second. Inexpensive and rapid Mounting. Durable and compact design.
Installation from pipe 12 x 1,5 mm up to 5,5 mm wall thickness possible.    

For pipes over 3“ (88,9 mm) and wall thickness from 6 mm ask about our adapter SC-XE-607.

Calibration service :
You get pro sensor a data sheet with curves (comparison mA with l/min).

Inform us the ID of the pipeline and the wished measuring range from/to in l/min.

Technical data

- Measuring range 0,05 ...8 Meter/Second
- Flow rate QS up to 600 Liter/Minute
,depending on ID
- Leakage LS from 0,02 Liter/Minute,
- Pressure 630 bar ( 9100 psi)
- Temperat. range -20..80°C
- Threaded coupling G 3/8 male
- Accuracy +/- 2%
- Configuration 3 wires
- Output signal 4 ... 20 mA (Analogue)
- Power supply 24 V DC +/- 10%; 150mA
- Connection M12 Universal system
- For pipes with Ø 12 mm and larger
- Display 6 LED lights
- Setting per Micro button
- Protection mode IP 65
- Sensor head   stainless steel 1.4571
- Housing

PBT (QS-2-B-008 / LS-2-B...)

or stainless steel

(QS-1-B-008 / LS-1-B...)

(*) Special instructions and accessory for stainless steel pipes up to 5,5 mm wall thickness with SC-2 possible.