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Serv-Clip USA LLC
We strive to provide individual customer support and continue to focus on the further development of our hydraulic components today and into the future.
We develop and manufacture pipe measuring connectors Serv-Clip® for hydraulic systems no cutting pipes, installation in 3 Minutes under pressure. In addition, our comprehensive product range includes pressure, temperature, flow rate and leakage sensors which can easily be screwed into the measuring connectors. This combination creates a unique suite of products that is unsurpassed both in terms of cost of ownership and time savings.
To ensure that our components meet the highest quality standards, our skilled employees rely on expert knowledge, leveraging the most recent technological innovations.
The superior quality and high efficiency of our products is achieved through highly optimized manufacturing processes. Our measuring connectors and sensors are based on more than 20 years of application experience gathered by closely working with our customers and suppliers.