Hydraulic measuring point Serv-Clip® Type 1 and Serv-Clip® Type 2

Description Serv-Clip® Type 1

hydraulic-tube-measuring-point-1 The patented pressure measuring clip is simply screwed onto the cleaned surface of the pressurised hydraulic tube. It is not necessary to interrupt the operation of the plant.
A specially shaped steel needle is inserted through the wall of the tube above the screw head.
The screw head is then screwed back. The created hole is then open and it is possible to measure the pressure immediately.
This connection is simple, quick and safe to install. The procedure only takes a few minutes. No special tools are required to install the Serv-Clip.
The system is completely leakproof. Any pollution of the hydraulic liquid is impossible.
It is not necessary to dismantle the measuring clip on completion of the measuring procedure in order to save costs. The operational safety of the hydraulic system is maintained.

The measuring point remains permanently available for taking measurements.


Description Serv-Clip® Type 2

measuring connector-servclip-2 The patented measuring connector SC-2-A... has been developed for mounting to pressureless hydraulic tubes. Following installation, the measuring connector is capable of permanent use for a working pressure of 630 bar (9100 psi).
The measuring connector SC-2-A... is supplied in a pre-assembled state with measuring connector and needle. Screwing in the measuring connector presses a special-shaped needle through the wall of the tube. Afterwards the measuring connector is screwed out and the needle removed along with the stirrup and a pressure disk.
The measuring connector is now screwed back into the Serv-Clip. The measuring point is now sealed off and permanent pressure can be applied up to 630 bar (9100 psi).
This connection is quick and simple to make and is also reliable. The whole process takes only a few minutes to complete. No special tools are required for mounting the Serv-Clip.
The system is fully sealed off. Contamination of the hydraulic fluid is ruled out. The operating reliability of the system remains intact.

The measuring point is now permanently available for measurements.