The low-cost retrofit

The low-cost retrofit
Serv-Clip for mounting pressure switches, pressure absorbers, pressure flow meters or temperature sensors.

Because Serv-Clip is ready for use immediatly

Serv-Clip for measuring hydraulic pressure in the piping system.

Can be installed at any point on the piping system

Serv-Clip for venting or for oil sampling purposes. microFIL-Oil Purifier to be connected by means of the Serv-Clip.
Starting from a working pressure of 75 bar, a Micro-Fil Oil Purifier with a capacity of 1.5 l/min can be connected by means of a Serv-Clip, the size of which can be selected at random.

The quick installation

In addition, the operation of the plant does not have to be interrupted. The return pipe is to be led into the reservoir in a pressureless way. Do not install any fittings or shut-off valves into the return pipes that might cause a resistance. In this respect, please also refer to the "Safety Advice" of the Micro-Fil data sheets