Serv-Clip® Type 1 (pressurized pipe) & Serv-Clip® Type 2 (non-pressurized pipe)

Serv-Clip® 1 (Installation on pressurized pipe)

1.remove paint

2.clean pipe

3.clamp SC onto pipe

4.screw down clamp bolts

5.plunge the needle

6.ready to measure

Serv-Clip® 2 (Installation on non-pressurized pipe)

1.clamp SC onto pipe

2.screw down clamp bolts

3.plunge the needle

4.remove stirrup and needle

5.screw valve

6.ready to measure

Serv-Clip® 1 (Installation on pressurized pipe) &
Serv-Clip® 2 (Installation on non-pressurized pipe)

Serv-Clip® 2 (Installation on non-pressurized pipe)
Prior to the installation a check must take place to ensure that the outer diameter of the tube concerned and that of the selected serv-Clip match. It is not permitted to install a Serv-Clip onto tubes that are seriously rusted or seem to be cracked.
Furthermore, it is a precondition that the tube system should be laid and fixed in such a way that the Serv-Clip is not affected by any additional burdens, stress and tensions. Tubes are to be laid so as to be adequately stable in relation to the operational conditions and they are to be equipped with fixed points.
Then the part of the tube where the installation is to take place has to be cleaned and all paint and paint remains are to be removed. The tube should be smooth, clean and dry at this point.
Then the housing, consisting of two parts, is positioned on the tube. The four housing screws are now fastened firmly.
The last step is to turn the screw head to the right to the stop position, using a wrench ( without extension ). The screw head is then screwed back.
Thus the connection has been made and the measuring point can be put to permanent use.

Safety instructions
To ensure a correct and safe installation of the Serv-Clip, please read our separate leaflet 12.B with installation instructions and a chapter on safety referring to pressure measuring clips.
The indicated measuring clips Serv-Clip are exclusively for use in fluid-technical plants. The field of application is Tubes with technical oils, like hydraulic systems and lubrication oil supply or cooling plants.
Use in air and gas tubes is forbidden.
We reserve ourselves the right to modifications which are useful for any further technical development.