Technical data

Tolerances of the outer diameter of the pipe according to DIN 2391
pipe-ø permitted deviation
10 3/8 Zoll ± 0,10 mm
12 – 30 1/2 ; 5/8 ; 3/4; 1 Zoll ± 0,08 mm
35 – 38 1 1/4 ; 1 1/2 Zoll ± 0,15 mm
42 -/- ± 0,20 mm
Pipe recommendation for steel made Serv-Clips Seamless drawn steel pipes made out of ST 35.4 material or pre-treated basic material ST 37.4 according to DIN 1630. Condition when supplied NBA (normalising, bright annealed) with outer pipe diameter tolerances according to DIN 2391, maximum hardness: HRB 75. Construction dimensions of the Serv-Clip are adapted to the pipes and tolerances according to DIN 2391.
Pressure capacity PB 630 (the indications with regard to pressure and safety are based on the installation according to this data leaflet)
Working temperature Steel
O-ring in Viton
– 40… + 120 °C
– 25… + 200 °C
The indicated temperature limits for sealing materials are guidelines as these temperature limits may be influenced considerably by the medium.
clip material temperature range pressure reduction
Steel – 40… + 120 °C
Pressure recudtion Required pressure reduction due to the material in comparison to catalogue details in the case of increased or reduced temperatures.

If there are divergent definitions for permissible pressures, safety margins, temperatures and, if necessary, applicable pressure reductions due to standards, regulations or approvals for specific applications, the information provided by them is obligatory.Nominal pressures (PN) and working pressures (PE) detained in the catalogue are max. permissible working pressures including pressures peaks, whereby the temperature limits and pressure reductions detailed in the table above must be taken into consideration.

Functional safety under stationary load
Types with PN indications : 4 times

Types with PB indications : 2.5 times