Temperature Sensor

fluid-check with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2

Hydraulic Temperature sensor TS-1-A-120-3/8" fluid-Check ®fluid-Check hydraulic monitoring
with hydraulic measuring point serv-Clip® Type 2
Installation in only 3 minutes - no cutting pipelines

Quick, practical temperature measurement with TS-1-A-120-3/8"
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TS-1-A-120-3/8"  for serv-Clip® Type 2

(for installation on non-pressurized pipes)

For pipes over 3“ (88,9 mm) and wall thickness from 6 mm ask about our adapter SC-XE-607

Temperature of aggregates, overheating of pumps, control of heat exchangers, lubrication systems.

The temperature sensor TS-1-A-120-3/8" can be used for direct temperature measurements inside pipes such as hydraulic and lubricating oil pipes.
In addition to its robust and compact design, this sensor stands out by its high accuracy and its extensive measurement range. As a standard, the housing and all parts exposed to the liquid are made of stainless steel (Type 1.4571) Soft seals consist of Viton.
This sensor can be combined with measuring connector serv-Clip® type 2 (630 bar-9100 psi) no cutting pipelines-no contamination for fluids.
Use the same serv-Clip® for other measurements:
with SC Type 2 : Installation of Sensors like flow rate, leakage, temperature, aqua, pressure
with SC Type 1: Installation of pressure sensor only
with SC Type 1 and 2: manometers, filters, particle counters, etc.

Technical data
- Temperature sensor Type L thermocouple
- Temperature range -30 ... +120 °C
- Output 4 ... 20 mA / 2 wires
- Protection mode IP 65
- Right-angle plug connection DIN 43650 A
- Robust stainless steel housing

Special instructions for stainless steel pipes up to 4 mm wall thickness with SC-2 possible.