Test report

Technical tests Tested sample:
Pipe diameter:
Installation method:
Liquid used in test:

Serv-Clip measuring clip
10... 42 mm
direct installation
Hydraulic oil Aero Shell Fluid 4

High pressure test Stress:
Test pressure:
2400 bar
  Test result:

No damages to the measuring clip could be detected. No leakages of the measuring clip could be detected.

Pulse pressure test Stress:
Test frequency:
Impulse pressure:
1 Hz
400 bar
1 Million
  Test result:

After completion of this load alteration test neither damages to nor leakages of the measuring clip could be detected.

Flow rate The flow rate measured applies to the series SC-1-A-.....and its value remains the same for all Serv-Clip sizes ranging from 10 .....42 mm, as all types are equipped with the same interior parts and needle diameters.

  The flow rate was measured at an oil temperature of 25 °C.

The testmedium is the hydraulic oil HLP 46, which means its viscosity is 46 mm2/s at 40 °C.

The measurement was taken by means of a measuring hose of 1 metre lengths featuring a M 16 x 2 mm connection coupling