Mobile Measuring kit FM-1-B

FLUID-CHECK in suitcase

Mobile Measuring kit FM-1-B FLUID-CHECK in suitcase for :
* Flow rate sensors
* Leakage sensors
* Temperature sensors
* Pressure sensors


The mobile Hydraulic measuring kit FM-1-B fluid-Check® has ONE IMPUT as connection.

The multi propose display AX 345 without measuring case has TWO INPUTS. You can order it separated too.


Examples for :

Fixed displacement pumps:Pumping capacity
Variable capacity pumps:Percentage of leak oil
Oil coolers:Flow characteristics
Water coolers
Differential cylinders:Leak oil
Synchronous cylinders:Sealing damages
Oil motors:Leak oil
Pressure accumulators:Bladder control
Charging behaviour, Nitrogen charge

Technical Data :
- With multi-purpose display with one separate analogue input, with 4 – 20 mA and scaling facility
- Suitable for display of input channel A or input channel B as well as the sum A+B, the differential A-B or the ratio A:B
- Display range +/- 4 1/2 decades at 15 mm size
- Power supply 115 / 230 VAC or 18 – 30 VDC
- Setup of zero and full scale by means of two front keys and menu support
- Selectable linearisation functions

Included :
- Power cord 230V AC
- Connecting cable with plug M12 connector for kit and sensors
- Suitcase made of plastic (black/blue) Outer dimension 340 x 275 x 84 mm
- Technical documentation and operating instructions