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Mobile Measuring Kit FM-1-B

The mobile measuring kit FM-1-B is for flow rate sensors, leakage sensors, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors.


  • Fixed displacement pumps: pumping capacity
  • Variable capacity pumps: percentage of leak oil
  • Oil coolers: flow characteristics
  • Water coolers
  • Differential cylinders: leak oil
  • Synchronous cylinders: sealing damages
  • Oil motors: leak oil
  • Pressure accumulators: bladder control, charging behavior, nitrogen charge

How Does It Work?

The mobile Hydraulic measuring kit FM-1-B fluid-Check has one input as connection. The multi-propose display AX 345, shown on the right, without measuring case has two inputs. You can order it separated too.

Technical Information

Multi-purpose display

One seperate analogue input, with 4 – 20 mA and scaling facility

Display range

+/- 4 1/2 decades at 15 mm size

Power supply

PB 630 (the indications with regard to pressure and safety are based on the installation according to this data leaflet)

Power supply

115 / 230 VAC or 18 – 30 VDC

Power cord

230V AC

Suitcase made of plastic (black/blue)

Outer dimension 340 x 275 x 84 mm

Technical documentation and operating instructions

Connecting cable with plug M12 connector for kit and sensors

Setup of zero and full scale by means of two front keys and menu support


Suitable for display of input channel A or input channel B as well as the sum A+B, the differentia

Selectable linearisation functions